Industrial ergonomics is the science of fitting the job you frequently do to your specific physiology or condition in an effort to minimize or totally avoid any personal injury you may suffer at work. Ergonomic designs such as adjustable chairs, angled tools, lifting equipment, adequate illumination, and elevated jigs and work platforms are all intended to improve comfort, safety, and efficiency at work. It is a fact that you cannot work your best when you have to strain and get fatigued easily from having to adjust to a workstation that does not properly fit your body or physiology.

Industrial ergonomics improvements usually begin from your own suggestions. If you are always tense or feel discomfort and pain while performing your work, these are good indications that your workstation needs to adjust to fit you properly. Do not take constant headaches, joint pains or lower back pains you feel at work for granted. These work-related pains can add up and eventually lead to cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back injury, or many other types of personal injury. You need to speak with your supervisor about your discomfort and make suggestions on how to improve your workstation. Always keep in mind that this is your right as mandated by OSHA.

Industrial ergonomics improvements can be as simple as revising procedures on how you perform a particular work or as complex as re-tooling or retro-fitting your entire workstation. You need to understand clearly why these adjustments are being made, and you need to conform to these ergonomics improvements, properly using any new tools or following new procedures as designed by your supervisor or industrial ergonomics consultants. And it is important that you give feedback as to how these ergonomics designs have improved your conditions at work.

Industrial ergonomics can help significantly in minimizing personal injury at work. This means less work injury settlement. It can also improve employee efficiency and productivity. Overall, Industrial ergonomics can significantly improve a company’s profitability and bottom line.

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